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Danny Coleman DJ WSGA
Our classmate Goodtimer, Danny Coleman!!!
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WSGA on air

WSGA AM 1400 was THE Rock and Roll radio station in Savannah from 1968 till the end of AM radio. There were other rock stations here, and you could listen to the BIG APE from Jacksonville during the day, but the dominant force on the radio band was Savannah's Goodtimer.

WSGA was a connecting force in this town in a way that seems impossible today. It was that way in almost every city across America during the 50's, 60's and most of the 70's. There was one rock and roll radio station so dominant that even your mom listened. Walking on the beach you didn't need a radio, there were plenty, on blankets, next to sunbathing girls, and they were all tuned to the same station. It was fun working at WSGA while I was in high school and to this day I get great satisfaction from the fact that nearly thirty years later and after thousands of minutes of exposure on local television there are still folks who remember me, Lyndy Brannen as one of the guys on the radio, a WSGA Goodtimer.

- Lyndy Brannen